Bishop Laurie suspends blog posting for a few weeks due to fall

Dear friends,
Bishop Laurie will not be publishing a blog for the next two (or so) weeks due to injuries incurred from a hard fall on ice. Her right wrist was fractured and an orthopedic surgeon is being consulted. In addition, she is currently in concussion protocol. Thank you for following Bishop Laurie’s reflections, which she has published nearly every week for six years. We ask for your prayers for her healing. I am sure she will have an interesting blog when she returns!
– Gary Haller
See message about Bishop Laurie from Rev. Dr. Lanette Plambeck, Iowa Annual Conference’s Assistant to the Bishop and Director of Clergy & Leadership Excellence

31 thoughts on “Bishop Laurie suspends blog posting for a few weeks due to fall

  1. Oh Laurie, I’m so sorry you fell. And of course it was your right hand you’ve hurt! Bless you my friend. I know God will carry you through the time of pain and concern.
    Thank you for the service you have provided us for so long. Perhaps this will be a Laurie “rest and recoup” period. Speedy healing and great love to you, dear friend.
    Pat Bethke.

  2. So sorry to hear about your fall. Praying for a quick recovery and minimum pain. Will look forward to the inspiration of your blog when you return. Such wonderful memories of shared times and conversations. Peace and love coming your way!!

  3. Dear Gary,
    So sorry to hear of Laurie’s fall. Prayers for healthy recovery and comfort.
    Best to you both,
    Gayle McGarvah

  4. Hi, Lauri, so sorry to hear about your fall. My prayers are with you for good judgment by your care team and relief of pain.

  5. Bishop Laurie–I am so very sorry for that bad fall. Rest and get better soon–your readers await the return of your blog! Thank you for doing that so faithfully all this time. You deserve a break–but not this kind!

  6. So sorry to hear about your fall, Laurie! Guess the old adage about the greater they are, the harder they fall is true. May your recovery be equally great – and swift. Our prayers are with you and Gary.

  7. Our bishop, very sorry for the pain you are experiencing now, but we continue to pray for you so that Almighty God will heal you. For we believe that Jesus Christ is the one who heals all kinds of pain.
    From the moment we heard that you were not right for slipping and hurting, we started praying for you until now and we continue to pray for you.
    Wishing you Health and Happiness,
    Rev. Daniel Niyonzima
    St. Paul’s UMC in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  8. Prayers for Bishop Laurie as she heals. May she also take time to rest during her recovery in order to be fully restored to health!

  9. So sorry to hear about your fall! We pray for the physicians to provide the best treatment and care for you.
    Karen and John Carter from Birmingham First in Michigan.

  10. I wish you all the best Bishop Laurie for a speedy and full recovery. I still miss you at Birmingham Bishop Laurie. Your blog is a wonderful connection to you. God bless you!
    All my prayers are going your way,
    Christine Merritt

  11. Prayers for you and Gary as you two manage these difficult times. Prayers for minimum pain and complete healing.
    Ken and Eldonna Tabor

  12. Hope you are up and about and healing very soon your blogs are a blessing but you need to heal. Look forward to more in the future but take care of yourself number one

  13. Gary,
    So sorry to hear about Laurie’s recent fall. Prayers for quick healing of her wrist with NO pain and no problems with the possible concussion observation. Prayers for you too Gary as she recoups. Love all her blogs and will look forward to reading more when she returns.
    Love and Hugs, Ann and Jim

  14. Dear. Bishop Laurie,
    Wish you a full & speedy recovery from your recent fall. Will miss your wisdom and look forward to when you will be able to share again. Peace Don

  15. Ohhh, I am so sorry to hear this. I will spread the word too for prayers and mine will be forthcoming. Mercy this is terrible . Love and prayers Bunny

  16. Bishop Laurie,
    I am praying that you will heal quickly and mend easily. Maybe God wanted you
    to rest from the good work you are doing, if so, I hope he will hasten your return
    to us.
    Sincerely ,
    Reida Gardiner

  17. Prayers for speedy recovery but thorough medical attention and therapy as needed. Our UMC district can wait for your needed guidance.
    Sincerely Bill Elliott

  18. Laurie, I am sorry to hear of your injuries. Praying for quick and complete healing.
    Maybe God is trying to slow you down!
    Dorothy Smith

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