Partner with a new church

30 Reasons to Partner With a New Church

What New Churches Can Offer to Established Churches

New churches are experts in servant evangelism and will teach you how to reach out beyond the walls of your church and see your mission field with new eyes.

  1. New churches will teach you that people are more important than buildings.
  2. New churches will teach you that people are hungry to study the Bible, discover their gifts, develop spiritual practices, and be empowered to lead and serve.
  3. New churches will teach you how to invest in relationships with people who are not Christians.
  4. New churches will teach you that growth in numbers without intentional growth in grace, prayer and spiritual depth will not build a healthy church.
  5. New churches will teach you the rules for relevance:
        a. Distinguish between what is cultural and what is timeless. Our call is to speak timeless truth to the present culture.
        b. Never assume that what worked yesterday will work today.  Even more
    important is never assuming that what works today will work tomorrow.
        c. Communicate the gospel for the sake of application, not just information.
  6. New churches will teach you that 76% of people who first attend a church were invited by someone else, and 87% of new people stick with a church when they are invited by someone else.
  7. New churches will teach you that hospitality needs a system, including clear follow-up procedures.
  8. New churches will teach you how to create an appealing environment because visitors usually know within 5 minutes of arriving at a church whether they will stay or not.
  9. New churches will teach you that when worship is of excellent quality and fosters an encounter with God, people will come back.
  10. New churches will teach you that 50% of your time should be focused on who is not here yet.
  11. New churches will teach you that building a network of small groups is the best way for church members to develop relationships as well as engage in theological reflection and spiritual disciplines.
  12. New churches will teach you that most people participate their way to commitment and not the other way around. 
  13. New churches demonstrate that wealth is meant to be freely shared and that new Christians are eager to become good stewards of all that God has given them.
  14. New churches affirm the value of developing community relationships by partnering with other organizations, such as a local YMCA, in order to multiply the effect of their ministry.

What Established Churches Can Offer to New Churches

  1. You can envelop new churches with prayer.
  2. You can send a few families as “missionaries” to the new congregation.
  3. You can donate furniture or equipment that may be needed.
  4. You can offer the gifts of your members in the areas of marketing, graphic design, music, etc.
  5. You can list a new church as a line item in your budget.
  6. You can collaborate with new churches on programs and events.
  7. You can ask the pastor or lay leaders in the new church to speak to groups in your church.
  8. You can help your congregation see the new church as a partner in ministry rather than as a competitor.
  9. You can teach new churches how to develop effective care networks so that clergy are not the only ones providing pastoral care.
  10. You can help new churches set up great administrative systems.
  11. You can model perseverance in the midst of change, hard times and loss.
  12. You can be a model of how to engage in mission with the least, the last and the lost.
  13. You can send encouraging words to be included in their newsletter so that new churches are aware that other churches are praying for them.
  14. You can take a Sunday off and visit a new church.  Compliment and embolden them.  Even better, help them set up or tear down, which is hard work and has to be done Sunday after Sunday.
  15. Sponsor a youth mission trip and invite youth from the new church to attend.

Did you know that there is a brand new church start in the Grand Rapids District as of July 1, 2009?  Valley Church, pastored by Matt Bistayi, is located in Allendale.  Here is how Matt captures the vision for Valley Church.

Imagine a community of…growing, God-honoring, Jesus-believing, Spirit-latching, Biblically-based, mission-minded, prayer-transforming, community fanatical, life-changing, self-less-giving, there-is-no-box thinking, fun-loving, slow to stagnate, fast to change, risk-taking, authentically-real, possibility-building, nay-saying shunning, unconsciously relational, passionate-serving, always-loving…People who are just trying to follow the ways of Jesus better.  The passion and vision of Valley Church is radically simple, “Helping people Live for God, for Others, for a Change”.  We want to simply be the kind of church community that loves God and loves others and, in doing so, helps God to change lives and the world around us.

Here’s how you can help us do that…

  • Pray specifically for our family, that we would remain passionate, energized, and healthy.
  • Pray for the new people joining the journey ofValleyChurch.
  • Pray forValleyChurchto be bold in its vision of existing for God, for People, for a Change.
  • Send me ( the names and contact info of 2-3 people you know from the Allendale and surrounding areas who might be interested in whatValleyChurch is doing.
  • Pray for our second outreach event on October 25, when we’ll be giving away stuffed animals to kids in the hospitals aroundGrand Rapids.
  • Pray for the first Preview Worship Experience at 6:00 PM on November 15 in our new space.
  • Pray for the new space at Byron Bank in Allendale, which we will be leasing. Pray that the “deal-making” goes smoothly and that the transition into the space is exciting and builds momentum.
  • Consider making a donation/gift to the ministry and vision ofValleyChurch.

Valley Church … for God, for People, for a Change. 

Our other new churches (less than 10 years old) include Church of all Nations UMC in Grand Rapids, CrossWind UMC in Dorr and White Pines UMC in Belmont.  Find a way to partner with a new church in the coming year! 

Blessings, Laurie

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